Top 5 reasons WHY

to hire us for your special event :


What’s the point of planning a party if you don't create the right atmosphere?

If you are on the verge of making the decision whether to hire a DJ vs LIVE BAND, you may find the following information useful.


Here are the top 5 reasons for hiring SALSA KINGZ®


1. Australia's only Multi Award Winning Latin Show Band. We create a unique atmosphere that only a LIVE Show Band can create.

Nothing compares to the performance of a professional musician with years of experience and proper musical education. Whether it is dinner or party music, jazz, pop or any other genre, a live performer will create an unforgettable atmosphere for you and your wedding guests. It will inevitably add a layer of elegance and sophistication to your wedding style.

2. Renown as an interactive & audience participation band. We bring the emotional touch, creating a unique bond between you and your guests.
If you want your heart to literally melt under the sounds of your favourite love song performed by our talented artist, you should hire our live musicians for your wedding day. This will add an emotional touch to your overall wedding atmosphere that will make you feel special and will guarantee you an excellent wedding experience.

3. Free mini Salsa Lesson has become our popular flagship style. We bring the experience of unsurpassed entertainment, and the industry awards to prove it. 
Interacting with the audience and being able to perform virtually anything the bride and groom desire is what makes live musicians irreplaceable. Considerate of the couple’s wishes and having an abiding desire to please their audience, live musicians are capable of getting even the shyest wedding guests on the dance floor, dancing and singing together with the band.

4. Bilingual band performing seamlessly in ENGLISH & SPANISH. We perform ALL LIVE whilst ensuring a heart felt connection between band and your guests.
There is one distinct advantage live musicians have when compared to DJs and it is called talent. Being a musician, you are an artist and, as such, you contribute to the wedding entertainment with not only your performance but with your artistic presence as well. We call this a 'transfer of energy' that can only happen when you have a LIVE performer.


5. Inhouse professional management & sound production team.     We only work with the best management & production team, to ensure a positive experience for you throughout
We have in house management team who will personalise your experience from start to finish. If we have to compare the quality of sound, chances are that you won’t have any sound quality problems at your wedding if you go for a live band or musicians. Besides, live musicians are famous for their obsessive attention to details, so hiring a live musician will most probably turn to one of these aspects of your wedding plans you can “set and forget”.

Both DJs and live musicians have their weak sides and strong sides and it is up to the bride and groom to make the best decision as to what to choose for their wedding entertainment.     



Have you decided if you are going to hire a band or a DJ for your wedding?




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